Our Huntsman Cancer Institute Affiliation and FAQs
Madisonhealth Cancer Care is an affiliate of Huntsman Cancer Institute. Dedicated Nurse Practitioner, nurses, and staff are available full-time in Rexburg with a Huntsman provider seeing patients one day each week. This hybrid matches “The Best in Cancer” with “Hometown Service”.
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Affiliation information

Dr. Shiven Patel travels from Huntsman Cancer Insitute Salt Lake City , UT, 2-3 times a month on Wednesdays and meets with patients in our Cancer Care clinic attached to Madison Memorial Hospital.  On days travel is prohibitive, Dr. Patel meets with patients via telehealth overseeing their care in coordination with the Lesley Goulding NP, oncology nurses and staff at Madisonhealth.

  • The Huntsman connection brings added expertise to rural locations not otherwise available. 
  • Telehealth brings care to remote locations, and even home if warranted.
  • Patients have access to expedited referrals to and coordination with the family of specialty Huntsman providers. 
  • Dr. Patel reaches out to colleagues at Hunstman for specialty consults and care to ensure your treatment plan is tailored to you with up-to-date “best medical practice”.
  • Dr. Patel works closely with our full-time Nurse Practitioner, Lesley Goulding NP, who specializes in palliative care and is available all days locally. 
  • Patients enjoy maintenance care, scans, and infusions closer to home.
  • Our patients have access to genetic testing and counseling both locally and through the SLC Huntsman location.
  • Our Cancer Care Patients have access to Oncology Certified Nurses, Patient Care Coordinator, Huntsman Wellness Center, and Library in person or remotely, including access to clinical trials.
  • Our providers, Nurse Navigator, Dietician, Social Worker and Financial Counselor are trained by Huntsman.
  • Local support is available including an oncology dietician, oncology social worker, supportive hydration and symptom management, and 24-hour nurse support.
  • Care close to home ensures that supportive family and friends are near, adverse symptoms can receive needed attention, coordination with local doctors provides a network to address all your health concerns and you are HOME.

Frequestly asked questions

  • You find out there is a possibility of cancer.
  • Your primary care physician will fax a referral to us or you can refer yourself by calling us at 208-359-9848.
  • A Patient Navigator or Nurse Navigator will walk you through a series of questions that will help us gather your previous Doctor notes, scans (MRI, CT, PET, Mammogram), labs (blood, genetic testing), & previous treatments to put the parts of your story together.
  • Dr. Shiven Patel and Lesley Goulding NP  review your information and develop a plan of care.
  • An appointment is set up to review the plan of care between you and the providers. You are welcome to tour our clinic and infusion center and get to know us at any time. You may want a “Meet & Greet” before your first appointment. Coordinate with the Nurse Navigator 208-359-9848.
  • After the plan of care is made, your care will take a course tailored to your situation.

 It may include:

    • Further testing if needed
    • Chemotherapy; It may be given before surgery to shrink the tumor and/or after. You may get a port before treatment, use an IV or take an oral pill.  It will take a little time to get preauthorization for medication or chemotherapy with your insurance. You will get chemo education before being given chemo so that you know what to expect and prepare for.
    • Seeing a specialized surgeon; We work with local surgeons and specialized surgeons at Huntsman Cancer Institute depending on your needs
    • Radiation treatments to shrink the size of the tumor before or after chemotherapy/surgery. 
    • Palliative Care; Palliative care is specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness. It may include medical care for their symptoms along with or not including treatment intended to cure their serious illness. It includes extra care, extra education and personalized care.
  • We start gathering information about your care as soon as we get a referral. 
  • Gathering information can take a day or weeks depending on the number of providers we are reaching out to, where they are, and how fast they return our requests.  Feel free to call us if you are wondering where you are in the process. 208-259-9848.
  • If you have copies of scans, labs or notes, send them our way. Fax: 208-359-6489 
  • If you are reaching out and we are reaching out to previous providers it seems to speed up the process. 
  • You have a nurse practitioner or experienced oncology nurse available via phone or text 24/7. We want to help troubleshoot after-hour symptoms. Ask the nurse navigator for the after-hours number. 
  • You have access to labs via the Patient Portal. Ask a receptionist how to sign up for the Patient Portal. A nurse or nurse practitioner usually calls and gives you recent test results that may have resulted after your last appointment. Feel free to call us if you haven’t received a call and were expecting it. You can also fill out a medical record request form and we can email you the results or you can pick up a paper copy at our front desk.