Percutaneous Trigger Finger Release

Trigger finger release assists those that have a finger that catches or locks up during the morning or the day. Issues with popping noises or fingers that tend to stay in a bent position are also a sign of the need for release. Often the finger will bend or straighten with a snap. This happens when inflammation in the finger squeezes the sheath surrounding the tendon. This sheath around the tendon provides smooth gliding movements of the tendon. Continuous irritation or inflammation surrounding this tendon and sheath may lead to bumps or roughness along the tendon and sheath. in these cases, a quick in-office percutaneous trigger finger release with minimal recovery time is a solution.

Trigger Finger Causes

Risk factors for developing trigger finger include rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and obesity. Furthermore, consistent repetitive gripping movements in these joints from work or hobbies also create higher risk. This includes occupations like farming and secretary work. Furthermore hobbies like piano and sewing. Overall, anything that causes irritation or inflammation in these joints leads to a higher risk for developing trigger finger.

Our orthopedic surgeon, Doctor Eysser, has extensive experience helping individuals with trigger finger. Give us a call if you’d like our help.