Our mission statement is simple:

To provide professional and compassionate healthcare to those we serve.

It is supported by our overall vision, which is as follows:

To be a first-class healthcare provider that instills pride in the community, medical staff, and employees.

The framework upon which this vision is built, consists of a set of four core values which we share and honor. These core values are as follows:

Respect and Caring

Consideration of others and having empathy for their feelings, situation, and beliefs are the keys to providing a healthy environment. Respect and caring are the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from and is nourished by it.

We promise to

  • Respect one another for who they are by celebrating positive attributes
  • Recognize that each interaction is a moment in time—an opportunity to enhance a person’s day
  • Value others’ privacy, feelings, wishes, opinions, and personal beliefs, caring for their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing
  • Demonstrate honor and integrity by words, deeds, attitude, and countenance


Adhering to the moral principles of honesty, decency, and fairness.

We promise to

  • Take personal accountability for our actions, recognizing the impact our behavior has on others
  • Celebrate our co-workers’ success and learn from their achievements
  • Behave in a manner that is consistent with our core organizational values


The ability to recognize a need and fill it, not because it is required for our job, but because we care.
We promise to

  • Determine what needs to be done, then take the lead to accomplish the task
  • Go above and beyond the normal requirement in an energetic and enthusiastic manner while being compliant with related policies and standards
  • Go the extra mile
  • Be innovative in our approach to providing exceptional customer service


Individuals working together towards a common goal while relying on each other in order to achieve objectives. Creating a feeling of unity that ties all the values together and leads to success for everyone.

We promise to

  • Cooperate with one another valuing and respecting diversity to accomplish excellence
  • Consistently demonstrate a “we” attitude while striving to build relationships through cooperative efforts
  • Conduct ourselves in a manner that portrays our dedication to each other and our customers