Sleep Clinic & Lab

Sleep Clinic & Lab

We are here to help you get a good night’s rest.


This is where to start
Initial evaluations for sleep-related issues
Consultations with our sleep disorders specialists and providers
Call 208-359-9811, then choose option 1
Location: Madison Memorial Hospital (Use the Huntsman Cancer Care and Infusion Therapy entrance.)


This is where you’ll be tested, after your initial consultation

  • Four-bed, full-service sleep lab
  • Analysis, readings and recommendations performed by experts in the field
  • Home sleep studies also available
  • Coming soon: rapid, daytime EEG studies
  • Respiratory outpatient clinic (ROC) – available beginning in October
  • ZIO heart monitors

Call 208-359-9811, then choose option 2
Location: Madison Memorial Hospital (After hours, use the Emergency Department entrance.)


Have you ever wondered if you’re getting enough sleep?
Has your partner stated that you’re impossible to sleep with because of tossing, turning, or snoring?
Even if you stay in bed long enough, are your really reaching the optimal sleep that your brain and body need?
Are you getting enough sleep so that when you rise for the day, you’re replenished, having receiving a good night’s rest?
Do you grind your teeth?
Do you often have a headache, which sometimes lasts all day?

The sleep clinic at Madisonhealth, together with our sleep study lab, was created to help you with these problems.

We’re committed to helping individuals with sleep disorders. We practice the latest scientific discoveries in the field, with cutting-edge technology delivered by experienced and compassionate professionals.

Call us today at 208-359-9811. Press 1 to reach our sleep clinic, or 2 to reach our sleep lab.

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Brian W. Fortuin, MD

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Jennifer Rickell Willmore, PA

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