How to determine your price?

Understanding the price of your medical care can make it easier to plan for health care expenses. However, at times your care requires customized services and providers that can be complicated in an accurate price estimate. An accurate description from your physician is the start of obtaining a more accurate estimate.

What information can I expect to find?

For insured patients, we furnish average amounts and estimated patient responsibilities. If you carry dual insurance coverage, there is typically little to no patient out of pocket expense. For additional confirmation, please contact your insurance companies directly. This discount is Madison Memorial Hospital’s way of assisting you in your health care expenses. If at any time in this process you have additional questions or are unable to locate your particular procedure, you are encouraged to contact our Financial Counselor for further assistance, 208-359-9850. Also, for better pricing, ask your doctor the CPT code of your desired procedure and call 208-359-9850 to share the code and we’ll find the amount.