Women's Health

Provider Specialty: Women's Health

Women’s Health

Madisonhealth has extensive training and experience in meeting the healthcare needs of women. We have one of the only clinics in Rexburg and the surrounding

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  Delivering your baby is a beautiful experience. We want to enrich your delivery with trusted guidance by professionals. If there are any issues, Madison

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Linda Webster, NP

Linda is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. She graduated with her Master of Nursing degree from the University of Cincinnati and was inducted into the

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Joseph Erin Watson, MD

Dr. Watson is a Rexburg native. He attended Ricks College and then Idaho State University. He graduated from Michigan State University Medical School. His then

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Clay C. Prince, MD

Dr. Prince practices full-scope Family Medicine, with obstetrics and operative delivery, in a semi-rural environment where I have been since 2004. My practice is a

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Kelly L. Dustin, DO

After completing Medical School in Kirksville, Dr. Dustin spent two years in Provo, Utah doing clinical studies through the Kirksville out-reach program. Dr. Dustin then

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