Matheau Gerd Eysser, DO

Board Certification

American Osteopathic Board of Surgery

Medical Education

Midwestern University, 2011


Pinnacle Health Hospitals, 2016

Matheau Gerd Eysser, DO

Matheau attended Brigham Young University for his Undergraduate degree. After attending Medical School at Midwestern University in Arizona, he completed his residency with Pinnacle Health Hospitals in Hershey and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as an orthopedic doctor. After Dr. Eysser’s residency, he gained additional orthopedic surgeon training in total hip and total knee surgery in Phoenix with focus on minimally invasive and muscle sparing total hip and total knee replacements.

I grew up in Salt Lake City. I went to Brigham Young University for undergraduate studies. Then did my medical school in Phoenix, Arizona. From there, I went on to Orthopedic training for 5 years in Hershey and Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Then returned to Phoenix for additional training in total hip and total knee surgery.

Here I did a minimally invasive and muscle sparing total hip and total knee fellowship.

During my residency in Pennsylvania, I was very fortunate because we did the most total hip and total knee procedures in all of Pennsylvania. So we had an extensive training in total hip and total knee surgeries. For example, to graduate from residency we needed 30-50 total hip and total knee surgeries. In our program, I performed over 250 hips, and over 600 total knees. I the continued to do extra training in Phoenix, Arizona. Where in one year I did an additional 100 hips and 250 knees.

The approach that I enjoy for the hip is called the direct superior approach. It’s a new approach that is muscle sparing, and minimally invasive. With this approach patients recover quickly. Patients are up and walking within 2-3 hours of surgery. They are also going home the next day. They do not need as much pain medication because the muscles and the soft tissue are intact. During this procedure, we use x-ray to make sure all components are in the correct position. Furthermore, for more precise outcomes, my surgeries are performed with the navio, a robotic assisted arm. Hence, my patients go home without any precautions.

This a big advancement because we are leaving everything intact. The patients have less pain and better recoveries. I bring new technology to hip and knee surgery.