3 Valentine’s Tips

February 14, 2014

3 Valentine’s Tips

By Perry Shumway
February 14, 2014

3 Valentine’s Tips

By Perry Shumway

3 Valentine’s Tips –

Did you know that being in love is powerful enough to lower one’s blood pressure, reduce depression, and speed the healing of an injury? Each of us are in different situations. Nonetheless, this Valentine’s Day I have prepared a few tips that may increase your health with additional information found by clicking on the red words:

1. Express Love For Someone
2. Understand Someone Better
3. Eat with Someone Tonight

An honest expression of love leaves an imprint on the heart. Whether it be your playful love poem of fondness, a sincere love song, or a gentle slow dance in the kitchen. Maybe you need to stop by Madison Gift Shop to find a gift for someone special, anyone that you love. Most importantly, find a way to express your love today.

Respect and understanding can be the turning point for a deeper relationship. How well do you understand your lover? Everyone in this world is different. Understood differences can help you separate the responsibilities in a marriage with respect and fairness. The following free online tests may help you ask those basic questions to help you understand yourself and those around you. Take at least one of these today by yourself or with a friend or a lover.

1. 5 Love Languages
2. Type A vs. Type B Personality
3. Big 5 Personality
4. Myers Briggs
5. Personality DNA
6. Right Brain vs. Left Brain

I tend to like the people that I eat with. On this day of love, don’t eat alone tonight. On a recent survey where Madison County ranked #1 in Health, it also showed that we have a higher number of fast food joints, and a higher obesity rate than the national average. The Paragon Cafe, adds more value to your meals with a salad bar, grill, and a dinner special. For valentine’s night the special is a prime rib/shrimp dinner for those of you who would like a full dinner, or other options for a light dinner. Regardless, eat with someone tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day! May you experience more love and joy this day and the days to come!

 Prepared by Lucas Handy