Prescription for Under or Uninsured

October 29, 2018

Prescription for Under or Uninsured

By Perry Shumway
October 29, 2018

Prescription for Under or Uninsured

By Perry Shumway
Affordable Prescription for Uninsured

View the Under/Uninsured prescription program video interview with Dorsie below, or click on this link:
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Under or Uninsured Prescription Program?

The 340B drug program provides discount-priced medications to under or uninsured patients.

The discounts are provided by pharmaceutical manufacturing companies directly to Madison Memorial Hospital entities.

How Can I Participate?

Any individual who receives healthcare services from at least one of our professional employees at Madison Memorial Hospital or its departments are qualified to receive the discounted prices. 

Are My Medications Price-Discounted?

We encourage you to ask your doctor if your specific medications are discounted. Here’s a list of medications, just to mention a few, that are popularly used and qualify as discount-priced:

  • Novolog (Insulin aspart)
  • Levemir (Insulin)
  • Advair Inhaler (Bronchodilator)
  • Edarbyclor (Diuretic and antihypertensive drug)
  • Bystolic (Beta blocker)

Where Does the Saved Money Go?

According to Dorsie Sullenger, Madison Memorial’s Pharmacy Director, this program has allowed us to save millions of dollars.The 340B program savings to the hospital, according to policy, are invested into the following safety-net programs for patients of Madison Memorial Hospital:

Distribution of Savings

  1. 1. The hospital will use the purchasing cost savings from this program for some of the below uses:
    1. a. Safety-net programs for all patients such as:
      1. I. Smart pump technology
      2. II. Clinical surveillance programs such as Sentri-7
      3. III. Implementation & maintenance of Antimicrobial stewardship program by renewing antibiotic utilization and antibiograms
      4. IV. Simplifi 797 software to enhance USP 797 and USP 800 guideline
      5. V. PCA smart pump technology
      6. VI. Barcoding programs thru-out the facility to reduce medication error
      7. VII. Enhanced EHR system (Cerner) to provide better patient care thru improved electronic technology
      8. VIII. Reduced take-home prescription costs for our under-insured and non-insured patients when they go home from the hospital. 340B assistance card will be given to the patient to use at our contracted 340B pharmacies.
      9. IX. Improvement in our Med Rec program and using this money to hire additional staffing to maintain this program.

b. All of the above programs will minimize the exposure to the patient for a possible sentinel event. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your doctor about this program. You can also visit to learn more.