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Madison Memorial Hospital has lost 460 pounds during the last five weeks of our Biggest Loser Contest. Our biggest loser this past week was Kaylynn. How did she do it?

This was her comment about the Biggest Loser Contest, “This contest has been fun and challenging so far – it’s provided me with a great opportunity to be more focused on doing better for myself and my health. I’ve found myself discouraged a few times, but I know this is about long-term improvement so I’m going to keep at it! I love to see the numbers on the scale go down, but more than that I love being able to jump on the trampoline with my kids, going to Zumba class and having a great time, and climbing to the top of the butte without passing out. We’ve got 6 more weeks left in this contest to really kick things up and see how well we can do, but my goal is to continue paying attention and improving so I can keep enjoying life like I want to!”

Things that I’ve found most helpful:

Using MyFitnessPal to track my diet and exercise

Incorporating meditation into my daily routine

Joining with my co-workers for ‘ACTIVE’ breaks (The IT staff is awesome!!)

Creating a password that represents my WHY (then I’m reminded of it at least 50 times a day) example: 4MybestS3LF!


Here’s our progress thus far on our goal of 1800 pounds

This week we lost a total of 7.9 pounds.
Almost 50 pounds less than last week!

Prepared by Tim
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