Bryan’s insight Life is Fragile

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Life is Fragile –

The Biopsy came back negative for cancer! Say what?! The surgeon was confounded and the pathologists said “nothing is abnormal.” The Surgeon also said it looked like normal bone. At this point all the doctors with me being in great health thought it was just some funky growth and I was a part of the lucky 5% in the world that gets away with weird things happening to them… read more of Bryan’s story by clicking on this passage

Our dear friend and cancer patient Bryan has great courage and strength! Today he worked, this weekend he will finish all of his finals, and Monday he will be back for his 3rd round of Chemotherapy. Next semester he will dedicate his time to surviving. He also continues his blog and recognizes how fragile life is. Then reflects on his beliefs, and gives insight… it is more important to love a person than it is to judge them, regardless of what they do. He then gives further insight that our job in this life is to simply get through this mortal experience the best way we can.

Bryan is not alone here at our hospital. Listen to his insights and love someone more during this beautiful time of year filled with festivities and friends, feasts and family. There may be someone needing your compassion. We have patients that have just received surgery, have cancer, or have another infirmity that may receive strength from your action. Keep up the courage Bryan! As your healthcare family, we will do everything that we can to help you survive so your reflections on life are pulled from a vast reservoir of life’s experience. Thanks for sharing!

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