Cold Season is Upon Us!

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


women blowing her nose

If you’re like me, cold season has finally caught up to you. I’m not talking about the snow and negative temperatures cold, I’m talking about the sneezing and coughing cold. Did you know that the viruses that cause the common cold spread more easily in dry, cold air? This explains why colds go around this time of year. In the winter months, we spend more time indoors, closer to other people, which means we are exposing ourselves to germs more often. That also explains why so many people are plagued with the common cold this time of year. Follow these simple steps to avoid getting the dreaded common cold:

  • Get enough sleep- Getting enough sleep helps boost your bodies immune system which will help fight off the cold virus.
  • Wash your hands- Wash your hands frequently. Make sure you are using soap and that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Disinfect surfaces- Use household disinfectant to clean surfaces that are commonly touched. This may include doorknobs, handles, phones, countertops, remotes, etc.
  • Avoid touching your eyes and nose- The easiest place for the cold virus to enter your body is through your eyes and nose, which we commonly touch without realizing.  Be aware.

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