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KICK OFF Meeting Jan. 29th @ 5:00pm in the Meeting Room

Online Access codes will be ordered Jan. 30th.

Contact any Financial Wellness Committee member if you have questions or would like to register.Madison Financial Health

Take the first step in changing your Family Tree…

The Dave Ramsey’s Financial Wellness class at MMH started in November with 23 participants.  The stories below are just a sample of the changes participants have been able to make.  Tired of feeling overwhelmed every time you sit down to pay the bills?  Not sure what your financial outlook is for retirement?  Then it’s time to take control of your money and have it work for you! FINANCIAL SUCCESS is just around the corner!

Fall 2014 Success Stories

My spouse and I have had some tough life lessons with money.  We even went through bankruptcy 7 years ago. We have never had any savings and have always lived paycheck to paycheck or have been behind.  We learned some hard lessons going through the bankruptcy and we changed our money habits, but we still did not know how to get to the next step of being financially stable. This is where Dave Ramsey’s course has helped us tremendously. We now have $1,000 in savings for the first time in our 12 years of marriage. We have paid off about $1,800 dollars in debt since we started. We have saved money on our car payments by lowering the interest and now have saved money on our insurance by raising our deductibles. This program has not only changed our money life, but my whole family. This program is awesome and I am so glad we have been able to participate in it.

On 12/28/2014 I finished the entire Dave Ramsey course.  I have been on the brink of bankruptcy for quite some time now.  This course has helped me, to date, eliminate $900.00 worth of debt, save my emergency fund, and save money on life insurance policies I found out I do not need. I feel this course has truly changed my situation long term as well as my outlook on money.  I will continue to utilize what I have learned throughout my life.  I want to thank you for making this course possible for us, as it is not something I would have sought out on my own.

 Financial Wellness Committee: Bryan L., Michelle M., Kyle L.
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