Dr. Duncan Harris, Urologist

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Dr. Duncan Harris, MD, is from northern California and has been treating urology patients for 20 years.

Dr. Harris became interested in healthcare because his father was a pediatrician. He loves specializing in urology because it gives him the opportunity to treat patients of all ages. He also enjoys his specialty because it enables him to often treat patients in an outpatient office setting, rather than in an operating room. His work includes treating the following disorders and conditions:

Prostate, bladder and kidney disease

Prostate, bladder and kidney cancers

Both cancer and benign

Female urologic disorders

No scalpel vasectomy

Kidney stones

Apart from medicine, Dr. Harris and his wife enjoy spending time outdoors, waterskiing, snow skiing, hiking and playing golf. The couple have two sons.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Harris, you can contact him at his Rexburg location:

Address: East Falls Urology, 393 East 2nd North, in Rexburg

Phone number: 208.535.4415

Website: https://eastfallsurology.com

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