Eating Healthy Through Winter

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Eating Healthy

With the cold months approaching, the produce isles will be dropping in fresh products while rising in cost. Eating healthy is important year round, so here is a list of Idaho’s fresh fall and winter fruits and vegetables that will remain affordable and great tasting-

Apples, August through November (cold storage until May)

Beets, June through October

Broccoli, August through November

Cabbage, August through November

Carrots, August through November

Cauliflower, September through November

Celery, August through October

Cilantro, July through October

Chard, July through October

Eggplant, August through October

Fennel, June through October

Grapes, September and October

Green onions/scallions, June through October

Horseradish, September through November

Kale, August through October

Leeks, August through November

Mushrooms (cultivated), year-round

Mushrooms (wild), spring through fall

Onions, August through December (from storage into May)

Oregano, year-round

Parsley, year-round

Parsnips, September and October

Peaches, August through October

Pears, September through November

Peppers (sweet), August through October

Potatoes, available from storage year-round

Pumpkins, September through November

Rutabagas, September and October (available from storage through winter)

Shallots, August through October (from storage through winter)

Squash (winter), August through December

Tomatoes, July through October

Turnips, September through November (available from storage through winter)

Winter Squash, August through December

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