Employee Engagement Survey 2020

From the Employee Engagement Survey administered in June, following is a summary and an analysis of the results:

Employee Engagement Survey Results: 2020 (compared with 2019)

2019 2020 Change
I understand the process for obtaining the resources needed to do my job. 3.45 3.43 -1.8%
I provide quality care to every patient/person, every time. 3.75 3.75 0.2%
I am motivated to take initiative to improve processes. 3.59 3.57 -1.4%
I refer patients to and promote MMH. 3.56 3.58 1.6%
Totals, Quality 3.59 3.58 -0.4%
Exceptional Experience
I build positive relationships with my team and providers. 3.61 3.62 0.7%
I am passionate about my role in healthcare. 3.61 3.65 3.9%
My overall well-being is important. 3.60 3.63 2.1%
I promote working at MMH. 3.53 3.57 3.8%
Totals, Exceptional Experience 3.59 3.62 2.6%
Ensuring our Future
I can achieve my educational and/or professional goals at MMH. 3.20 3.21 1.0%
I am engaged in the strategies, goals, and wins of MMH. 3.33 3.33 0.1%
I am engaged in improving the financial health of MMH. 3.40 3.44 4.8%
I plan to stay at MMH for 3+ years. 3.32 3.38 6.4%
Totals, Ensuring our Future 3.31 3.34 3.1%
Overall Totals 3.50 3.51 1.8%


  1. Responses were 1.8% higher this year, in spite of the pandemic.
  2. The only two downward changes had to do with quality:
    • How to get resources to do my job (-1.8%)
    • Motivation to improve things (-1.4%).
  3. The largest jumps were related to ensuring our future:
    • Planning to stay with MMH (6.4% increase)
    • Improving the organization’s financial health (4.8%).
  4. Our very highest rating was for providing quality care (3.75 out of 4).
  5. Our lowest rating related to educational and professional goals (3.21 out of 4).
  6. Though ensuring our future (3.34) received the biggest year-over-year increase, it remains significantly lower than exceptional experience and quality (3.62 and 3.58, respectively).


MMH employees remain cautiously optimistic about the way things are going, in spite of the difficulties brought on by the singular events of this extraordinary year.

We’re all invested in the ongoing stability of this organization because many of us intend to stay here long-term. Above all, we pride ourselves in the exceptional care we provide our patients, and if there’s a single area which stands out as having room for growth, it’s limitations to reaching our goals for personal growth, and difficulty in accessing the resources we need to improve our jobs.

Overall, we’re largely positive and upbeat about the organization, and the direction in which we’re heading.

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