What does an epidural feel like?

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


What does an epidural feel like?


Epidural Facts

When was the Epidural Invented

The epidural during childbirth has been used since 1909. Before adding this as a treatment for pain in childbirth epidurals had been used on animals and men.

Who Invented the Epidural

Epidurals were developed overtime by more than one person.

What does an epidural feel like?

A common concern from new mothers is the anticipation of the pain associated with an epidural. Kylee, one of Madison’s compassionate Labor and Deliver Nurses, and a mother discusses epidurals with Paul. Paul is one of our Anesthetists. Both of these professionals have extensive research and training. Most importantly, they have substantial experience as healthcare providers.

Paul and Kylee agree that generally receiving an IV hurts worse than an epidural. Paul explains this is partially because there are less sensory receptors in the back than places like the hands. To minimize the pain and discomfort from an epidural and keep you healthy, our anesthetist does the following:

1. Cleans the skin
2. Inserts a needle to numb the skin around the epidural
3. Inserts the epidural

When the needle is inserted, mothers feel a burning, stinging, sensation. After the area is numb, the epidural is inserted. The only thing mothers then feel is a gentle centralized pressure where the IV is. Mothers generally can still move their arms and legs.

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