Film Contest

March 2, 2019

Film Contest

By Perry Shumway
March 2, 2019

Film Contest

By Perry Shumway
Idaho Sunset

Madison Memorial Film Contest 2021 

Our Madison Memorial Film Contest is open to all. 

Participants under 18, including both cast and crew, will need the parent/guardian signature on the Consent Form at the time of film submission. All films created for this contest should exhibit positive experiences relating to the care provided by Madison Memorial Hospital. Your story can be based on actual events, or it can be fictional. It can be in the form of a short film, or it can be an ad or a commercial, depending on your preference.

Virtual Premiere Night

On Saturday, April 3, at 7 PM, we will virtually showcase the qualifying films submissions for the contest, in conformity with the hospital’s in-place COVID restrictions at the time. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded.

Film Competition General Rules and Guidelines

  • Length: 30 seconds minimum; 3 minutes maximum.
  • Due date: Midnight on Saturday, March 27, 2021. Once submitted, films cannot be altered or withdrawn.
  • Onsite filming: Plan on shooting your film somewhere other than at the hospital. Current COVID restrictions prohibit us from allowing you to enter the building for purposes of shooting your video, unfortunately. You’re welcome to include stock footage, if you have permission to use it. Regardless of where you shoot, be sure to get written permission first.
  • COVID guidelines: Be sure to follow all guidelines and requirements from the State of Idaho and the East Idaho Public Health Department regarding safety procedures during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Stills: You can include high-resolution film stills and/or production photos with your submission. Remember to include photo credits for any photos the filmmaker did not take, and also applicable release forms.
  • Group submissions: You’re encouraged to work in groups, but entries can only be submitted by individuals, not by groups. Awards will be given to the individuals who submitted the films, not to groups of people. Which means, if you receive help from other participants, it’s your responsibility to distribute the award equitably.
  • Releases: Consent Forms and Location Agreements must be submitted for all actors and locations where filming/photographing took place. (Forms provided below)
  • Ownership: Part or all of your film may be featured at any time on any of Madison Memorial’s social media sites, our website, as a TV ad, as a theatrical trailer, or in other public exhibitions, displays or media. Proper credits will be attributed to the filmmaker(s). You retain ownership of your video, but you agree to let Madison Memorial use part or all of it, in perpetuity, as we see fit, at no cost to us and without restriction.
  • End credits: We encourage you to include end credits, which will not count toward the 3-minute film length limit.
  • Judging: Each film will be screened by at least three qualified, unbiased judges with prior filmmaking experience.
  • Patient privacy: In accordance with federal patient privacy laws, you agree to not actively solicit current or former patients of Madison Memorial unless you know them personally. You will neither discuss nor request private information relating to any patient’s experience with the hospital, and you will secure, in writing, explicit permission to tell the story of any actual patient who agrees, before you begin production with the Consent Form signature.
  • Representation of the hospital: You will not represent yourself as being an agent or employee of the hospital, nor will you speak on behalf of the hospital or cause others to think that you represent the organization, either officially or in any other, unofficial role. You will clearly state that you are NOT affiliated with the hospital, and that your efforts, actions, and outcomes are clearly and solely your own.
  • Release and exhibition: You cannot publicly display your film until on or after April 10, 2021. Madison Memorial reserves the right to select the films we will choose to display, and to release them according to our own schedule, either on social media or elsewhere. You agree to allow us to premiere your work in this way, up until April 10, after which you are free to show your film publicly. We may also choose to show it, either then or at a future date, without restriction.

Awards & Prizes

Best Film – $500

Cinematography – $400

Film Editing – $300

Production Design – $150

Story/Script – $150

Sound Design – $150

Format –

MP4, Maximum video bitrate: 2200 Kbps, H.264, mp4
Audio: 128 Kbps, AAC, 2 channel stereo
Aspect ratio preserved; minimum video quality 1080 pixels (HD).

Example Films

The following are examples of films we are looking for to promote Madison Memorial in a positive and inspiring manner:


Madison Memorial encourages all to participate. In order for filmmakers to be able to participate, the Consent Form needs to be completed by everyone in your film. Then the Location Agreement needs completed on the property where  film is recorded or photographed:


Register by downloading the Madison Memorial Film Contest Registration Form. Check all the boxes next to the guidelines. Sign and date the registration form. Then upload it below. Before filming, download and print Consent Forms, and location agreements. Then sign the consent form, and get everyone working on the film with you to sign the consent form. Then for owners, the location agreement found in the required resources for filming.

Madison Memorial Film Contest Registration Form
Upload Signed Contest Registration Form

Required Resources for Filming

Download each of these forms. All filmmakers, actors, and photographers working on or in the film need to sign the consent release form. All property locations need a location agreement signed by the owner.

Consent Form
Location Agreement

Upload film, Consent Forms, & Location Agreements

To qualify for a prize, all filmmakers need to upload their finished video, consent forms, and location agreements.
Upload Video, Consent Forms & Location Agreements

Please contact Lanisha at [email protected] or Lucas at [email protected].