Get Healthy – Week 2

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This past week the hospital lost a total of 61.3 pounds which brings our grand total to 346.6 pounds lost.

The winner of week 2 wanted to leave us with some tips on what they did to continue to lose the weight this week. She walks the corridors of the hospital morning, noon, and night. She also was more active than usual. To finish it off,  the disciplined restriction of carbs contributed to the weight loss. By doing these 3 things our winner this week was able to drop 2.8% of their body weight.

After collecting each individual’s personal goal, it has been decided that the goal for the entire contest will be 1803 pounds. Each week we will keep everyone updated on the status of our goal. Let’s keep it up! If we meet our goal, Public Relations and the Wellness Program will throw a party.

Creative with Exercise Bands

Free Exercise Class and band with Dirk
30 minutes of training… Handout of training
11:30 am – 12:00 pm this Friday
Meeting Room


Goals for Health Results

Here’s a visual of our progress thus far-


Don’t get discouraged! This week is one of the hardest when it comes to weight loss. We found a great article that should boost your spirits. 

“Last week, you were feeling gung ho and ready to tackle your weight-loss goals head-on. This week? Not so much. You’re tired, you’re hungry, and you’re aching in places you didn’t even know existed. But before you lose all motivation, take heart—the second week is supposed to suck. In week two, your body is generally in a state of severe breakdown.  After all, you’re eating less, going hard, and your body needs some time to adapt to your new lifestyle. Here are a few slump-proof strategies for pushing through Week 2.

Don’t panic if you plateau- You’ve busted your butt all week and been downright virtuous about your diet. So when you hop on the scale, you’re ready to see the results of your hard work. But here’s the kicker: during week 2, it’s not unusual to get stuck or even gain a pound or two. Why? As your body adjusts to exercise, cortisol—a performance-enhancing stress hormone—is released. Part of cortisol’s function is to promote water retention as a defense mechanism for survival. This causes you to feel puffy and gain some weight.

So, let’s recap. You’re achy, you’re starving, and the number on the scale is now moving in the wrong direction. It’s no wonder you feel discouraged and are tempted to bail altogether. But hang in there, because your body will eventually get the memo.

Track progress, not just weight loss- While there’s plenty of science behind your plateau, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. So when the number on the scale isn’t budging, how can you tell if you’re still on the right track? Start recording your healthy habits—whether that means keeping a workout log or posting Instagram shots of your meals—so you can see all the changes you’ve made. Track the behavior, not the outcome.  Track the food you eat, the steps you take, and the calories you burn, and make those your markers of success.  Seeing these changes can give you just enough motivation to power through this week’s plateau. Think of motivation like a tank of gas. The tank doesn’t need to be full to move, but you can’t run on empty.

Focus on the process- Sure, your biggest motivation might be squeezing into smaller jeans. But this week, it can help to focus on all the touchy-feely stuff instead. Re-frame the way you think about working out so it becomes your escape, your path to wellness, something you do for you.  Our thoughts can powerfully affect our ability to tackle a new weight-loss routine.  If you’re too focused on the scale, a second-week plateau may feel like a huge failure; if you focus on the “me time” you get while working out, you’ll achieve that no matter what.

If that doesn’t help, just acknowledge that this week won’t be your favorite, and keep on trucking. Belief in the process helps at this stage.  You cannot make a total body composition change without suffering through a period where all of your goals seem like they are going backwards. Compare it to scaling a mountain or running an Iron man—it’s miserable while you’re in the thick of it, but insanely rewarding once you’re done. So hang in there, because it’ll be next week soon enough.

For the complete article please go to How to Beat The Week Two Weight Loss Plateau 

America’s Obesity Epidemic

– Today 2/3 of adults and nearly 1/3 of children struggle with overweight and obesity.
– If obesity rates stay the same by 2030, 51 percent of the population will be obese.
– Since 1980, the rate of obesity in children and adolescents has almost tripled.

To learn about Madison’s Weight Loss Program, click this link: Madison’s Weight Loss Program

Prepared by Tim, Toni, & Lucas
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