Healthy Cooking Class by Carol

Very Excited Madison Memorial Hospital employees holding vegtables

Madison’s First Healthy Cooking Class by Carol

Friday January 30th from 11:30- 12:00 In the Meeting Room

In this class, Carol, Madison’s Dietitian, will teach about the wonderful nutrients we receive when we eat our fruits and vegetables, then demonstrate how to prepare the perfect healthy, delicious, nutritious SALSA!

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Why Fruits and Veggies?

A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can reduce risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of digestive problems. When eating fruits and veggies it is also vital that we eat a variety of them. By eating a variety we ensure that we are getting a wide array of different nutrients. Sometimes too much of one thing can lead us to be deficient in other things.

For those that are concerned about the cost of buying fruits and vegetables it can be less expensive to buy them when they are in season. This could also save our society billions in healthcare dollars and prolong your life. If diabetes continues to grow at the rate it is, 50% of our population will have it by 2058. It is also less expensive to buy then frozen or canned. When buying vegetables that are frozen be aware of the sodium content. Many companies will add salt as a way to preserve the produce for a longer period of time. Have the same amount of caution when buying frozen or dried fruits. Be aware that artificial sweeteners and syrups are loaded with sugar. Eating fruits and vegetables may not be the easiest or cheapest option just think of how much better you will feel when your body has gotten all of its essential fuels. We can not afford to forget our fruits and vegetables.

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