Heart Score

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Heart Test

A heart test may save your life. For about $100 with a doctors prescription you can come in and get one. Recommendations include women over the age of 50, and men over that age of 40 that have one or more of the following risk factors:

yes/no Risk Factors:
Family history of heart disease
High cholesterol levels
High blood pressure
Past or present smoking
Obesity (you need to be under 250 lbs for this test)


A fatal heart attack is the first and only sign of heart diseas for too many Americans!  In fact, one of the leading activities for about a hundred fatal heart attacks occurs while shoveling snow annually.

Many of these same individuals have had no warning signs, and had little reason to think there was anything to be concerned about.

A Cardiac Calcum Scoring Exam determines the amount of calcium build-up in the coronary arteries of your heart. The amount of calcium present is related to your risk for a heart attack.

Ask your doctor for a heart test with a coronary calcium score. Then come on in.


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