Infection Control

We are dedicated to keeping our patients, visitors, and staff healthy.  In order to do this the following visitation restrictions apply to everyone during the flu and RSV season:

  1. Stop Sign infection control

    If you are feeling under the weather, or even have a cough please do not come in to visit your ones until you are better.

  2. If you have children under the age of 18, please do not bring them to visit patients.

Those in the hospital generally have a weak immune system which makes them more susceptible to sickness. Visits may help the patient feel loved, but also carry a risk of infection as portrayed in the following examples:


 Sally feels healthy but has a slight cough. Her sister just had a baby at MMH.  Unbeknownst to Sally, her cough is caused from RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), and does not cause adults like Sally much problem. However, this virus can be detrimental to the baby. Even to the point that the baby could actually die. Sally decides to wait until her cough is gone to visit her new nephew.


Another example is when Billy, a 6th grade student wants to comes visit his friend Ashley.  Billy feels healthy, except for a scratchy throat. His scratchy throat is actually the start of influenza. Because Billy is a child and it is flu season, the hospital discourages him from live visits. Instead Billy sends Ashley a get well message on facebook. Lucky for Ashley, she is does not come into contact with Billy’s influenza, and become more ill. Nor does Billy come into contact with more sicknesses because he already has the flu.  


There are special circumstances that will be considered, on an individual basis as exceptions to the visitation restrictions, but they will be reviewed the physician, nursing staff and with the visiting people before being allowed to visit. Thank you for helping us increase the health of our loved ones, and our community.

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