Joan & Dean Retire

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Joan & Dean Retire

After 27.5 good years of working at Madison Memorial Hospital Joan has done her fair share of cooking, but loves the chance she has to meet new people. She claims it has been a good job. Her favorite thing about her job is not doing dishes, but she enjoys making cookies and baking. The Paragon tries to cater to everyone’s needs, both physical and emotional. She says that she has been able to help folks in the community with a listening ear. There is an environment here where people can share their feelings with people who care and understand. They are not too busy to care for one another, both patient and colleague alike. 

If anyone has a problem we will listen and understand. Joan would like to recognize a colleague and dear friend that recently passed away. They started working in The Paragon together about the same time. With tears in her eyes, Joan expressed her admiration for Pat. She is a kind and compassionate person who never says anything negative about anyone. Besides being positive, her actions are also sweet to everyone. Joan has been in the workforce since she was 15 years old. She felt that working at the hospital was like working together in a caring family.

Her next step is to buy a house with a big yard, and plant an endless garden of flowers… peonies, roses, lilacs, and sunflowers to start. She loves flowers. She will stay busy tending her garden with her grandchildren. Her mother loved flowers, and her grandma enjoyed snow flakes. Now when snow flakes fall on her cheeks it reminds her and her cousins of grandma’s kisses. Like snowflakes, may flowers remind your grand kids of you as rose bushes do for me as I remember my grandma Dorothy.

As a hospital team, we’d like to thank Joan, Dean, and all of our employees who compassionately serve with one another to help our community. May your golden years blossom and be blessed with joy and caring!

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