3 Ways Millennials Can Change the Job Market by Being Transformational Leaders


On Thursday, May 3rd, Madison Memorial Hospital’s very own Chief Nursing Officer, Kevin McEwan, spoke to students at BYU-Idaho about how to be the next generation of Transformational Leaders.

How Millennials and generation Z can can influence the work force and be ready for employment



“Everyone should have their own mission statement, its rules and characteristics you believe in.” McEwan said.

McEwan stated that most companies have their own mission statement but the real tell of a good company from a poor company is whether their employees know their mission and live it.

Forbes gives 5 Lessons for Mastering your Mission:

  1. Make it distinctive and meaningful – Madison Memorial Hospital, More than just a Hospital  
  2. It should be simple; not simplistic – Have a few key points that describe your values
  3. Make an emotional connection – “You want people to feel something when they read   or hear your mission statement.” As stated by Forbes




Growth Mindset

“Those that are stuck, because of rules or laws, don’t get too far. “ McEwan said promoting the idea of outward thinking and moving past barriers.

Don’t think you have a growth mindset or want to grow even more, but don’t know how? Here is a list of ways you can according to opencolleged.edu:

  1. Try different learning tactics- We are all different, we are not a one-size-fits all.
  2. Stop seeking approval- Know what you can accomplish and move forward. Don’t let compliments get to your head or critics to your heart.
  3. Reflect- contemplate these questions: What did I learn today? How can I apply what I have learned?






“It’s huge, you got to be creative.” McEwan tell a story of how he first learned creativity is not just categorized individuals as “artistic.”

“I don’t play an instrument, or have artistic skills. One day, someone told me I was creative. I was thoroughly confused.”

McEwan learned that creativity is not just in the traditional norm of the arts but comes from thinking critically, thinking outside the box and knowing when to give the thumbs up to a good idea.

The Huffingtonpost gives a list of steps we can take to find our own creativity:

  1. What do you do well? Realizing the talents you possess is a stepping stone to finding your inner creativity.
  2. What is unique about you? Find out why people gravitate towards you. What is it that makes you an hoot?
  3. What makes you feel alive? “You can’t purchase it you can’t drink it” find what make you forget about your worries and be in the moment.






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