Missing Nurse Deb

Life is More Precious Because of Nurse Deb

In memory of Nurse Deb – at the passing of one of our dear nurses, her colleagues decided to add a display with some of her many beautiful quilts and photos. Below are a few of the memories and regards for Deb and her family from those she served with.

“She was so much fun to work with. Her family will be in my prayers.” Rhea

“She taught me so much at my first job as a nurse. Wonderful lady.” Tara (Nurse)

“This is such sad news. Deb was part of what made Madison so special.” Anna (Nurse)

“I worked with her from the time she started until I retired. And knew her when we lived in Ashton many, many years ago. She was tops. Man, oh, Man will she be missed. Sad…” Juanita (Nurse)

“Loved her so and will miss that smile and sparkle in her eyes!” Jenny Lou

“May God bless her family and be with those at Madison. I loved knowing Deb. Amazing gal!” Kyle (Nurse)

“I loved the times I worked with her. She is simply wonderful and unforgettable. An excellent nurse and a great mentor.”
Martha (Nurse)

“I love this woman with all my heart!” Heidi (Nurse)

Life is more precious because of nurses like Deb who love and care for those around her. Thank you Debbie, we will miss you.

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