Music Far From Home

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Jody Cottle Music Therapy Program

 Music Far From Home

I’ve always used music as my own personal salve for things that are “ailing” me. It calms me when I’m stressed, it picks me up when I’m down, it soothes pain when I ache and it helps me forget the world when I need to escape. It’s a beautiful gift from God that I am eternally grateful for.

Until today, I didn’t realize the effect that my music could have on others. I had a hectic morning in Medical Records and decided to play the Foyer Piano for my lunch break. I needed the Calm. As I was finishing, I decided to play one more piece. I had already skipped over “Bring Him Home” from the musical Les Miserables several times, but something told me this was the piece I needed to finish with. When I finished, I stood up, put the bench in place and stepped away. Then I heard “Miss, Miss, the lady playing the piano”. I turned and saw a younger Woman coming out of an admitting booth, literally trying to run towards me. She had tears pouring down her face and I hurried over to her.  She said “That is my most favorite song in the whole world and I’m so scared right now and I needed that so much. I’m far from home and I’m so scared”. Then she held her arms out to me and asked for a hug. I gave her a big hug and told her that these people would take very good care of her and that she was in good hands. She thanked me again and with tears still streaming sat down to finish her paperwork. I wished her assured her that we would take good care of her.

As I walked away, I was truly humbled that my music could have the same calming effect on others that it has on me.

– Jody

If you’d like to participate in our music therapy program, email [email protected].

Prepared by Lucas Handy

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