National Safety Month

June 8, 2016

National Safety Month

By Perry Shumway
June 8, 2016

National Safety Month

By Perry Shumway

From the trips to the lake or river to the camping. From what feels like endless sunny days, to life by the pool. For all of us from southeastern Idaho, we take full advantage of these opportunities since they are gone when the cool breeze sets in, in October. Yes, I am describing summer! It’s a great time of year, but can also have its downfalls if we don’t prepare for them early on. I will share with you the most important facts you need to know to keep your family safe this summer.

Beat the Heat:

  • Never leave a child or pet in a parked car, even if the windows are down
  • Dress lighter when the weather is warm
  • Remain hydrated, and take time in the shade when you’re outdoors

Water Safety:

  • Always keep your kids supervised when around any body of water
  • Teach your children to swim (formal swim lessons) or make sure they have a certified life vest
  • Know CPR if needed in an emergency

Outdoor Safety:

  • Always protect your self with sunscreen
  • Apply bug/mosquito repellent if you are outside in the late afternoon/evening hours
  • Check yourself and your children for ticks if you have spent time in tall grass and trees
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bike

Travel/Tourist Safety:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Don’t make it obvious that you are a tourist – always have a plan and extra cash
  • Double check that your home is locked and secure when you leave for a long period of time
  • Please leave the animal life alone, they have feelings too!

I’m convinced that summer is the time of year that is the most fun, but I am also convinced it can be the most dangerous. Do all you can to make 2016 the best and safest summer ever!