On Rotation with Dr. Beesley: Jess Wissenbach

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Jess Wissenbach is a student of Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine. As part of her education, she is shadowing Dr. Brian Beesley. 

“Being able to watch him and see how thorough he is with his patients has been amazing,” she said. “It gives me a better understanding of how I can help my patients get on a pathway to wellness.”

Jess has enjoyed seeing medicine that she has only read about, being applied and utilized.

She decided to become a doctor at a young age when she realized she had a passion for taking care of people and a curiosity about modern medicine. Her siblings have always been supportive of her dream and were excited when she started school. 

Jess is really grateful for her time at Seasons Medical. “The greatest gift that they can give me as a student is allowing me to observe them do the work I will be doing in the future. I am learning so much.”

Seasons Medical is proud to support the education of upcoming health professionals and glad to have Jess here on rotation. 

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