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Maggie Wilkins

Maggie Wilkins was born in Argentina. She later moved to the US, where she was raised in a healthcare-centric environment in the Boise area. As

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Rex Meredith, PA-C moving to Madison Orthopedics

Starting in October, Rex Meredith, PA-C will be working with Dr. Eysser at Madison Orthopedics in Rexburg. “I love orthopedic surgery and am excited to help with that. We have a lot of problems in medicine and a lot of treatments, but not a whole lot of cures. I love that in orthopedics, people come in acutely having a problem, and they leave happy and excited because there is a set path to fixing that problem for good.”

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Seasons Medical Welcomes Michael Bishop of Rigby

Michael Bishop was raised in the nearby community of Rigby, Idaho. During his youth he was influenced by many medical professionals especially his aunt who is a dermatologist in Rigby. “She was always very generous with her time and means, and I have tried to pattern my life after hers”. Driven by this desire to emulate her example, he is now in the medical program at the University of Utah. He has made his way back home and is currently on rotation at Seasons Family Medicine with Dr. Michael Packer, and Travis Weiszhaar, PA-C. He is eager to learn all he can from spending time with our providers and patients.

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Seasons Medical Supports the Education of One of Rexburg’s Own

Jake Erickson was born and raised right here in Rexburg, Idaho. He studied science at BYU—Idaho and Idaho State University and is now in the MD program at the University of Utah. He has made his way back home here on rotation at Seasons Family with Dr. Packer and Travis Weiszhaar, PA-C and is excited to learn everything he can from the providers and patients. 

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