How Military Member and Seasons Medical Physician’s Assistant, Travis Weiszhaar, Celebrates the 4th

Travis J. Weiszhaar, PA-C has been serving in the military for almost 19 years. Originally, he had joined to help pay off student loans, but after having served in Iraq for 18 months, he had a greater appreciation for military life and stayed in. He also has a special gratitude for the military because his father served for 34 years and his grandfather was in World War II. 

While Travis appreciates the military during the fourth of July, he thinks about soldiers who have passed that he has known as well as in his family’s history more so on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. 

“The 4th of July, for me, is more of an appreciation of being in this country. The quality of life we enjoy and the freedoms we have been given are not to be taken for granted. Rexburg and Eastern Idaho is the greatest place on earth. We have great values, a great environment, clean living, and safety. We have good people who take pride in our country and an appreciation for those who have sacrificed to get us to where we are today.” 

Travis loves celebrating the 4th by being with family. 

“My family and I will go to a flag ceremony at sunrise, then to the Rexburg Parade, and after that, we will go up to Asthon to have dinner with extended family. After work on Friday, we will head out to Boise to visit my wife’s extended family and enjoy some tri-tip.” 

Seasons Medical appreciates the experience Travis brings to our group of exceptional providers. We remember his service as well as the service of countless others on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. This weekend, we will celebrate our beautiful country knowing its greatness was attained and is maintained by those who serve. Thank you.

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