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As you are (hopefully) aware, our 2024 strategic plan includes seven goals, one of which is tied to Pride Initiative F.3.1. In that initiative (and its accompanying WIG), we aim to improve the variance against our staffing standard as a way to help us remain profitable and thereby contribute toward ensuring the organization’s future. A committee overseeing this important goal has met with every Mh department, working with managers and directors to determine how to meet the initiative. One department in particular has stood out thus far, in accomplishing this vital objective. MedSurg/ICU, under the direction of Angie Hathaway and Stephanie Hart, has made huge strides in trimming staffing hours to meet the standard. For the first time in a year, the department’s staffing levels were actually within their department’s standard. Last year, an external consulting firm was utilized to provide Mh leadership with benchmarking statistics, including direct comparisons of...

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