Our IT Department is Simply MARVEL-ous

Information Technology Madison Memorial

In these uncertain times, with so many MMH employees now working from home, the real-life superheroes working in the Information Technology department at Madison Memorial Hospital have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep everyone productive and connected.

“The other night,” said Lisa Wright (MMH Education Department), “I was trying to get ready to teach an online class and I couldn’t get it to work.  It was getting close to start time.  Kaylyn was on call and she got Noble on the phone and the two of them remoted in to my computer and helped me get it up and ready to go.  Noble was at home because this was 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm.  I am so grateful for their help.  I truly could not have done my job without them.  They saved my life that night and so many other times, IT has helped me over and over.   This same scenario has been repeated  with Evan, Sally and Michael.”

Tosha Curr (MMH Nursing Administration) added, “I would LOVE to give a shout out to IT. They are often forgot about but they are seriously amazing. They have been amazing at helping everyone get set up with whatever they are needing help with from home or even here at the hospital. They are having to set up new products quickly and still have to continue with their normal schedules. Blake has been great at helping me get WebEx figured out for scheduling meetings and Sabrina has be great help with whatever I am having trouble with.”

Lisa continued, “Daniel has helped me do similar things over and over in my NRP Class.  I just can’t say enough about  how much I appreciate them.  Daniel has come early in the morning before my NRP classes to make sure my manikins will connect so that we can run simulations in NRP.  These three, Daniel, Noble and Kaylyn have always been kind and willing to help me.  Plus they usually make me laugh in the middle of a stressful situation.”

Sometimes we likely don’t realize how lucky, and fortunate, we are to have such an amazing IT department here at Madison Memorial. We are SO grateful to you guys for all you’ve done to support and assist us during this past, most challenging month.

Thank you, MMH IT Department!

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