Penny Retires


Penny Retires

Honest Hearts Produce Honest Actions depicts the work of our retiring NICU Nurse Penny who has worked at Madison for 33 years. She is the oldest of eight children and enjoys taking care of people. She also loves working with the babies. 

One of her favorite memories is watching parents interact with their new children. Special feelings are shared, and it is fun to witness and be a part of these sweet memories.

Her recommendations for the continuing healthcare team are the following:

1. Be a Team Player
2. Enjoy what you are doing
3. Enjoy interacting with people

Penny claims that it has been fun, but there comes a time to move on to better things. She plans on fishing, camping, and spending a lot of time with her grandkids. Her husband also hopes to enjoy their golden years together. She will stay busy and is currently hosting her family reunion. As a healthcare team, we thank you for your tender, dedicated service. We’d also like to thank all those retired Madison employees that have helped us become the great hospital we are today!

Prepared by Lucas.

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