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Dr. Robert Bobert


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Idaho Healthcare Aid in Peru


When we are sick in the United States and visit a hospital, we expect our healthcare system to help us recover. However, 96% of the world’s citizens don’t live in this country. Many of which have limited access to proficient healthcare. Madison would like to recognize and applaud five professionals from our area that dedicated their resources to help in Peru this spring with a team from Idaho. The hospital also donated $2,800 in supplies. Operations took place from Tuesday through Friday with a total of 13 surgeries. Furthermore, they worked alongside Peruvian healthcare providers.

One day they went to a remote village and helped the local dentists and doctors. Procedures were performed for free. Some individuals came with extra digits that need detached. Others had fractures that needed to be fixed with bone grafts. Some of the Peruvian doctors were proficient at conducting surgeries. However, without proper equipment, it was difficult to perform well. Still, much of their equipment is dated to the 50’s or 60’s. In the future, a few Peruvian doctors will to come to Idaho and work alongside our professionals for training.

Overall, there are many generous healthcare professionals in Idaho and from our area. We are grateful for each one of their generous and professional contributions to healthcare at home and overseas! 


Prepared by Lucas Handy


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