Rexburg Rocks

rock with blue paint on it

Have you seen colorful rocks around random Rexburg locations?

Rexburg Rocks is a trend to help motivate people to explore the city and enjoy visiting places. A variety of rocks are hidden all over Rexburg for your pleasure. Even Madison Memorial Hospital has a few rocks hidden outside of its hospital.

Anyone can join in the fun and go searching for Rexburg rocks. It’s a particularly fun activity for children to go on a hunt and even make their own colorful rocks to hide around Rexburg locations. Just be sure to avoid placing them in dangerous locations (such as in the grass where a lawnmower may hit it).

Rocks can usually be found near pathways where they could easily be seen such as flower beds.

You can look at the facebook page dedicated to #RexburgRocks titled “Rexburg Rocks!” to see or post a picture of your own Rexburg rocks.




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