Cecil Ricks Retirement

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Thank You Cecil For Your Service!

August 30th 2013 will be the last day for Cecil Ricks, our CFO, accompanied with a farewell party held in his honor.

Cecil grew up in the Rexburg area, attended Ricks College and married Marla Holyoak, his wife of 43 years.  They have two boys, Jared and Nathan, and 7 grandchildren.  Cecil started working at Madison Memorial Hospital December 3, 1979 and has served and entertained us all as an integral part of Fiscal Services for almost 34

years.  His sense of humor has brought joy to our organizational meetings and parties.  He has always had a joke when a joke was needed.  Cecil sings with a Barbershop Quartet, Rocky Mountain High, as the baritone and has traveled many placed in the U.S. to attend competitions, and they have won titles for their talents.  Cecil’s hobby is jigsaw puzzles, playing games with family, and being with his grandkids.  We hope that he may have a chance to do all of these things, and more in the years ahead.  Madison Memorial is grateful to Cecil and for all that he has given to and done for us.  He will be missed!

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