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Madison Memorial Hospital has lost 285.3 pounds this week among our 81 Biggest Loser contestants. Our biggest loser so far is Tauna with a whopping 7.2% drop in her body mass. How did she do it, you may ask. In her own words, Tauna explained her actions below:

1. After my first weigh-in last week, I had a visit with Gwen from our Education department. Gwen helped me understand the percentage of good carbohydrates, portion sizes, and protein that I should eat. Gwen also gave me further instructions that she will share at “The Secrets to Winning the Biggest Loser Contest” this Friday from 12:00  – 12:45 in the meeting room. Bring your lunch, and come ENJOY. 

2. I love food, cooking, and I love Pepsi. I have decided to drop Pepsi and replace it with water. Occasionally, if I feel a headache coming, I will have drink 1/2 of a diet Pepsi.  

3. I have used the following tools to track my efforts. First, a Fitbit. Second, My Fitness Pal. These apps can be downloaded for free on your phone, and have helped me track my food intake and exercise.

  4. For the Super Bowl, I used the Recipe from our Salsa Time class with Carol. Everybody liked the salsa. Thanks, Carol for the fun class.

Tauna was surprised to be the first winner of our 12-week Biggest Loser competition and encourages everybody to keep up their efforts. She also hopes she can do the same. Congratulations Tauna! We hope you continue to keep your health the focus of your efforts!

Biggest Loser Contestants

7 under 40 Male

9 over 40 Male

23 under 40 Female

42 over 40 Female


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