Teddy Bear Clinic

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Little Girl with Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Clinic held at Madison Memorial Hospital

Students Learn Through the Experience of Their Teddy Bear

Madison Memorial invited all the elementary schools within the hospital’s service area to have their second-graders attend as a field-trip. Parents were also welcome to meet students at the hospital or arrange with their child’s teacher to accompany them on the field-trip.

The purpose of the Teddy Bear Clinic is to provide an educational opportunity for students and help increase their comfort within a medical setting. Students will learn about health, poison control, immunizations, DARE and numerous safety and medical issues that are experienced by their stuffed animal as a patient.


Highlights of the Clinic will include a tour through the Emergency Room, a climb inside an ambulance, hand washing, and many more information-packed stations. Numerous staff and volunteers were there to assist and ensure a positive experience. Each child received a bag with a coloring book, snack, and other informative health-related materials to remind them of their visit and to share with their parents.

This event is was sponsored by Madison Memorial Hospital, The Madison Memorial Hospital Foundation, and the Upper Valley Women’s Auxiliary. The Teddy Bear Clinic is also being supported by many businesses in the community. For more information about this event, contact Doug McBride at (208) 359-9817.

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