Teresa Murdock 20 Years

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Theresa Murdock

Teresa Murdock 20 Years

Madison Memorial Hospital is proud to recognize our long-term employees that have helped Madison fly high with years of selfless service, dedication, and growth. Teresa Murdock recently reached 20 years of service at Madison Memorial Hospital.

One of her fondest memories while here at Madison Memorial Hospital happened years ago. She helped plan the employee summer lunch party at a nearby park. They wanted this party to be very special. As a result, many activities were coordinated. After all of their preparation, a huge thunder storm rolled in and spoiled their plans. At the last minute all the employees moved everything in doors.

The Karaoke machine, food items and everything were now in doors. The fun had just begun. Murdock, Steiner, and a few other people joined in singing What a Wonderful World for all the employees on the karaoke machine. The hearts of

many were touched. Tears were shed, and positive memories were shared. The storm did not spoil anything.

We have a wonderful staff. We appreciate everything that each of you do to make Madison a great place to be!

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