Teton Pinky Promise: Raising Idaho and Wyoming to the Top

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


I pinky Promise

Idaho and Wyoming continue to fall short of the national average for the number of women getting their recommended mammogram check-ups. There are hundreds of explanations as to why, such as not being insured, not knowing the age to begin getting mammograms, or being unaware of the preventative treatments available. But all of these explanations can be worked around, there is no excuse powerful enough to completely hinder you.

Some may argue that mammograms do not prevent cancer, so why should they bother getting them? Even though the procedure may not do anything to reduce your risk of developing cancer, mammograms can detect potential cancer threats before they’re even physically noticeable. This can help women begin treatment before the problem grows to advanced stages.

We can also help women begin getting preventative tests like mammograms by spreading information and awareness. If everyone in the Teton Region Pinky Promised to talk to the women in their lives about breast cancer prevention and treatment, our region could boost Wyoming and Idaho to the top of the list of states with the highest percentage of women getting mammograms. Do your part to raise Idaho and Wyoming from the bottom of the list and show the nation how seriously we take women’s health. Pinky Promise at TetonPinkyPromise.com today to talk to your friends and family about breast health, and if appropriate, to schedule an appointment with a physician to discuss your breast health needs.

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