The Forgotten Memorial Day

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Madison Memorial Drive

The Forgotten Memorial Day

The noise of the hot wind adds to the drone of lawn mowing machines this Memorial Day. For many, today marks the beginning of summer vacations. A day to remember those who have given their lives defending our freedoms. Remember those who sacrificed for us. Many would have loved to live the lives we enjoy. Including awakening to a beautiful sunrise with an invigorated body, blossoming opportunities for work and play, and precious moments we share with family and friends. Nonetheless, their sacrifice denied them of these simple joys. Below are three ideas to help us commemorate this special holiday

1. Become familiar with the rights these soldiers fought and died for- They sacrificed not only at home but across the globe. Why?  for a more perfect Union, to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. The Constitutional Rights, and Amendments to ensure our freedoms are excellent documents to peruse, and understand to awaken the reminder for their sacrifice. Then be enlightened by what we enjoy, and should continue to protect. Some say that our constitution is hanging by threads. A thorough understanding and verbal defense of it may guarantee its survival.

2. Find your own ancestors who sacrificed for our freedoms – New tools have been created to quickly learn of our ancestors (,, and more). I was surprised to find veterans of my own kin in almost every American war, and hope that you may too. It could be a great grandpa, uncle, or a widowed aunt, all sacrificing for the freedoms we enjoy today. Unlike Veteran’s Day, none of those individuals we celebrate are alive. Many died before they were blessed to have children or even marry. Over time, the legacy of their posterity, the adornment of their tombstones, and even recognition of their name is forgotten. For best luck, search for death dates during wars, among great uncles, like Grandma Dorothy’s – Great Uncle William H. Roberts, who died at Fort Donelson during the civil war (image top left).

3. Visit their resting places – Here again, there are tools that will help you find their place of resting. ( Take advantage of your graveyard visits and catch other nearby ancestors… my Grandpa Ken’s grandparents – Caleb Lyons Jr. and his wife Sarah resting in Ashton who sacrificed for the first amendment are my example.  

Some tips and reminders to help you enjoy memorable Memorial Day adventures… Remember almost everything we enjoy today, even our existence is a result of their sacrifices for freedom, and the choices our ancestors have made. Learn what you can about their lives will help you connect with them. Finally, when you visit their resting place, takes some flowers or sing a patriotic song for them. May the forgotten be remembered, and may you enjoy this lovely Memorial Day.

Prepared by Lucas Handy                     

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