The Pulse

April 18, 2014

The Pulse

By Perry Shumway
April 18, 2014

The Pulse

By Perry Shumway

The Pulse – Madison Hospital’s Rhythm

Foundation Gives Back – Recently the Foundation invested $158,000 to improve the hospital and provide the care we would like to receive ourselves. From helper bars and beds that will allow patients gain a little more independence to additional beds & couches that allow cancer patient’s families to relax, the Foundation has blessed our community with a better hospital. The bars will give patients more control of their lives while saving caregivers back & lifting injuries. Superior palliative with the additional beds and couches will improve the quality of life for patients and their families during life-threatening illness. Early identification, impeccable assessment, and superior treatment with maternal-like care and comfort are crucial for recovery. Furthermore, we believe in providing five star comfort and care to those so close to ending life’s journey. As such, we encourage you to give graciously back to our community through the Foundation. Please consider the Foundation when you want to give back.      

Reliable health information   Where do I go for reliable, trustworthy health information on the Web?  Made possible by the National Institutes of Health/The National Library of Medicine, offers health information that is easy to understand and can be trusted.  Check it out, spend some time looking at the various features and you will be pleasantly surprised with the user friendly site.  For assistance using the site contact Teresa Murdock ext. 5712 in the Medical Library. She will be happy to help you.

Centralized Scheduling Progress – Physician offices are now able to call into one direct line to schedule services and also have one direct line to fax in documentation.  Central Scheduling has been created to help with patient and physician satisfaction.  The department will be doing the scheduling for Radiology, Respiratory, and IV Infusion Therapy.  Authorizations, insurance, and medical necessity for outpatient services will be verified and communicated back to the patients. Shamae, Rainey, Carlene, Anna-Maria, and Heather bring expertise from their different areas and are very excited to help this department excel in meeting the needs of our physician offices, patients, and hospital staff.  Changes were also made in admissions with the addition of an express desk for faster registration for patients who have already been pre-registered.  Admissions is also entering the different outpatient service orders.   

IT Advances – New filters will help eliminate spam in your email and online searches. Five new computers on wheels are being placed in different departments that enable immediate log in and out within seconds with the touch of your employee badge, saving staff countless hours annually.  

Administration – Our hospital is growing, upgrading, and advancing. With these changes, we are grateful for each of you that have helped make this progress successful. We have a talented, smart, and capable team. As each of us continues to be fully engaged in our responsibilities, we will grow in our ability to provide exceptional care for all of our patients’ healthcare wants and needs. A focus on helping our community will serve as a higher motivation. Thank you again for each of the small things you do to serve!  



Mary 1 Teddy Bear clinic

May 5-9 Hospital Week

May 8 Heatlh Fair

May 2, 16, 30 Jeans Day

May 31 Pennies by the Inch


Employee Progress

Rhonda D. 15 yrs. service

Paula N. 15 yrs. service

Doug M. & Lucas H. FEMA PIO Certified


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