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Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Madison Walking Team Challenge

Madison is dedicated to the health and welfare of both our community and our workforce. This summer, Madison employees and families walked 3.25 laps around the world through a voluntary walking team challenge. September 7th, we ended this summer’s walking challenge with a party in Smith Park with music, dinner, trout fishing, inflatables, and more. Overall, our accomplishments include:

  • 3.25 laps around the globe in 16 weeks
  • 80,847 Miles
  • 161,693,163 Steps
  • Dr. Clark had 42,248 steps in one day
  • We started out with 18 teams of 9, and successfully finished with 15 teams (we lost teams in the Amazon Rainforest, Sahara Desert, and the Bermuda Triangle). The rest continued to report their weekly steps from their captains. A few of the captains lost a team mate or two when their co-workers moved away or forgot to use their step tracker.

The most important accomplishment was the action of movement for our bodies. The 10,000 daily recommended amount of steps is more than double the average Americans take in a day. This challenge helped Madison curb the global pandemic of physical inactivity.

The top three teams during this 16 week challenge are the following:

  1. Chaffing the Dream!- Madison Therapy Services– with Ronnie Harker as the team captain totaling 11,900,922 steps
  2. J.W.W.&R- Family Maternity Center– with Terri Weaver as the captain totaling 11,664,478 steps
  3.  Team 10 – Rexburg Medical Clinic– with Angie Moffat as the captain totaling 11,505,260 steps


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