Billing Entities

June 18, 2021

Billing Entities

By Perry Shumway
June 18, 2021

Billing Entities

By Perry Shumway

Understanding Why you Might Receive Multiple Billing Statements

You may receive more than one statement after receiving care, including statements for laboratory and radiology services.

You might be billed separately for certain professional services, which may include:

      • Your physician
      • ER physicians
      • Radiologists
      • Hospitalists
      • Pathologists
      • Cardiologists
      • Anesthesiologists

Your bill may come from one or more of the following billing entities:

  • Madison Clinic Physicians. You might get a bill for services performed in the ER, the sleep clinic, the oncology clinic, the NICU, or even if you were seen by one of our hospitalists. Some of the providers in this group work at their own, separate clinics, but when you get a bill under the “Madison Clinic Physicians” heading, it’s for professional services by one of them at Madison Memorial Hospital.
  • Madison Memorial Hospital. Madison Memorial Hospital statements might include room and board (for inpatients), supplies, nursing care, equipment use, nutritional services or other services provided by our hospital staff.
  • Madison Surgery Center. Bills from the surgery center (381 E 4th North) are for procedures performed at that location. You may get a separate bill from your surgeon, in addition to your bill from the surgery center.
  • Madison Outpatient Services. This billing entity encompasses several service lines:
        • Seasons Medical by Madison Memorial. The “service description” on your bill will either say “Seasons Medical by Madison Memorial” or “Madison Memorial Hospital” for services performed by a Seasons Medical provider.
        • Madison Memorial Behavioral Health. The “service description” on your bill will either say “Madison Memorial Behavioral Health” or “Madison Memorial Hospital,” for services performed by a provider within the Behavioral health group.
        • Satellite lab and x-ray. You may receive a bill separate from the physician’s services if these tests were performed at Teton Medical Group (Dr. Thomas Jones and David Day, PA-C) or in some cases at Madison Rexburg Medical Clinic.
  • Madison Rexburg Medical Clinic. You might get a statement from Madison Rexburg Medical Clinic for a service performed by one of the clinic’s providers, even if the service was performed at a separate location, like at the hospital.
  • Madison Orthopedic. In addition to your bill from Madison Orthopedic clinic, you may receive a separate bill from either the hospital or the surgery center, depending on where your procedure was performed.

For any other questions on your bill, please call the phone number listed on your statement.

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