Early Detection, Breast Cancer Cure

Early Detection, Breast Cancer Cure

Idaho continuously ranks low for mammograms. Early detection and removal is currently the cure for breast cancer. Mammograms can detect breast cancer early. We had the opportunity to support and recognize dozens of breast cancer survivors in our service area. In one of the cities, we encouraged a lady with a lump to schedule her mammogram. To remind women to schedule their mammograms, we shared 2500 breakfasts in 3 counties, 4 cities: Rexburg, St. Anthony, Rigby, and Ashton. We also made 4 gift baskets for the locations.

Most importantly, we were able to make a difference about breast cancer awareness in our community. We loved hearing about your breast cancer survival stories and to see how many of you were willing to remind your friends about getting their mammograms done.

According to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Idaho ranks 50th in the country in cancer screening mammogram rates. The IDHW also declared that “since 2008, cancer has been the leading cause of death among women in Idaho. Breast cancer is the second leading cancer death among women, and of the most common types of cancer.”

We strongly advise women 40 and older to call and schedule their annual mammogram. Women under 40 to perform a risk assessment with your provider. Early detection is the best way to protect yourself.

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