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Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Jack Law Biomedical Engineer Retires After 25 Years of Service


Madison’s Beloved Jack Law Retires After a Quarter Century of Service

 Jack Law, Madison Memorial’s Biomedical Engineer shares some of his journey from the last quarter-century of service at Madison Memorial following his retirement party. Some of the most interesting things that we learned from Jack’s insight include caring for the patient, co-workers, and the guests always at Madison. This inspirational attitude has helped Jack to remain constant in his service caring for everyone as part of fulfilling the mission of the hospital. After a quarter-century of unselfish sacrifice and service, Jack feels that he is a better man because of his time at Madison Memorial. He has felt the sweetness that comes as we care for those in need. He readily includes others in his family and friend group. This gives him the dedication and service leading to excellence in care with every patient all the time.

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