How prepared are you for floods?

July 16, 2014

How prepared are you for floods?

By Perry Shumway
July 16, 2014

How prepared are you for floods?

By Perry Shumway

Flood Emergency Preparedness

Yesterday we had a flash flood in Rexburg. This quiz is designed to help you determine if you were prepared with the knowledge to act.

  1. What is the number one disaster killer in the United States?





  1. During a flood, you use a gas pump to help empty basements. What is the biggest risk you are taking?

Contaminated Water

Foundation Risks

Additional Flooding

Carbon Monoxide

  1. Staying hydrated is important. How will you stay hydrated during a flood?

Regular tap water

Drinking Fountain

Bottled water

Flood Water

  1. Which of the following is not a major risk during a flood?

Turn on your stereo system so it echoes across the water

Put on your swimsuit then play in the water

Driving through the flooded streets

Discuss your concerns with others

  1. If you hire cleanup or repair contractors do all of the following except:

Check References

Be sure they are qualified

Wait for drive-through service providers offering help

Contact your insurance agent to discuss claims

Thank you for taking this quiz! We hope that you will be more prepared for the next natural disaster.

Prepared by Lucas.