Heart Month Wrap Up

hospital employees wearing red with their hair dyed red

American Heart Health Month comes to a close, wear red tomorrow.


We will be holding a Heart Screening Clinic on February 28th Click on the link to call and schedule your appointment.

(Spots are filled for February, only 20 more slots available March 21st)

If you’ve missed some of this month’s activities dealing with heart health here’s what you have missed:

We started the month off with “Eating Healthy With Carol” 

Where we learned the benefits of eating healthy and EATING OUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. Click on the picture for more info.






We also had Gwen’s “Secrets to Winning the Biggest Loser Contest”

In this presentation, we learned what kind of diet and exercise everyone should adhere to and how to avoid insulin resistance and possible heart problems. Here’s a copy of all of the handouts that have helped several of our Biggest Loser winners over the last few weeks.


Halfway through February, we held Dirk’s “Getting Creative with Exercise Bands”

In this activity, we discussed the benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and how these exercises can improve your overall workout and physical health. For more of a follow-up click on the picture.

Last week we had Susan’s “Online Secrets to Better your Health”

This event was very informative on how we can research and better understand our health. Click on the picture to get more information on Kidshealth.org and MedlinePlus.gov

We are going to finish the month off with “Madison Visits the Mediterranean”

Where Carol will explain the benefits of this diet on your heart. Click on the picture to find out when and where… You’ll love the cooking class.

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