Hospital Week 2020: May 11-15


We have an incredible staff, and we want to recognize all the accomplishments we’ve made together this past year.

Due to so many of our staff working from home and social distancing during this time, we’ll be celebrating our healthcare system’s efforts in a virtual fashion, looking forward to a more festive part of our celebration at a later date.

Things to know:

  • Hospital Week applies equally to all members of the Madison Memorial family, not just to those working at the hospital itself. It includes everyone at our offsite support locations as well as those at Seasons Medical, Rexburg Medical Clinic, and Madison Surgery Center.
  • It’s Jeans Day all week, starting Tuesday, going through Friday!
  • Watch for our employee forum,  coming out later this week in the form of a video from our Admin Team.
  • Watch also for upcoming information on a special, one-time gift for each employee, to show our appreciation.
  • Human Resources will be providing virtual games and activities throughout the week, for everyone to enjoy.

Many thanks to everyone for all you do. Have a wonderful week.

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