Is Heart Screening Necessary?

cardiogram and a visualization of a heart

A Beating Heart is a Blessing; cherish it by taking care of it. A Heart Screening is a way of taking care of yourself. Heart Screenings determine if you have a heart problem, and what specific treatments are necessary. Regular Heart Screenings allow your doctor to understand your heart conditions, and help you. Doctors recommend everyone getting preventative heart screenings annually after the age of 45 for men and 50 for women. 

Some of the most common benefits of heart screenings provided by are as follow:

  • Check your heart’s electrical system
  • Check how well your heart valves are working
  • Check your pacemaker or other implanted device
  • See if your heart can handle more exercise

A heart screening can prevent a potential heart attack. Take charge of your Heart-Health today and get your heart screened.


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